What better way is there to spend a Sunday morning than with fresh breakfast food and even fresher experimental beers? Find out as Resurgence Brewing’s Kegs & Eggs returns on Sunday, November 5. And before you go scrambling for the NFL schedule, the Buffalo Bills are off.

If you don’t know how Kegs & Eggs works, it’s pretty damn simple. Resurgence expands their beer board to include a number of one-off limited brews, and pairs them with breakfast food. See? Easy peasy.

For the November 2017 edition, Resurgence will be slinging breakfast garbage plates (we didn’t know such a glorious thing existed, but it does, and we could not be happier), so make sure you order one to go with your first flight of the small batch, one-off beers that will be on tap (more on that later because you’re going to want to order multiple flights). Doors open at 11am and garbage plates will be served from 11:30am until they run out.

As always for Kegs & Eggs, the brewing team at Resurgence is pulling out all of the stops and will fill their taps this time around with the Dude Hates Cancer Tropical Pale Ale, the winner of the Dude Hates Cancer homebrew competition that was held at Resurgence back in August, a light body pale ale with a hoppy mix, Cherry Saison (4.5%), a farmhouse saison with Western New York tart cherries, Mango Green Tea Pale Ale (5%), Uncle Oatus (5%), a dry hopped pale ale with oats and three types of wheat, Blackberry White IPA (5%), a Queen City pilsner malt IPA fermented with Belgian yeast and finished with blackberries, Tropical Stout (5%), a stout dry hopped with copious amounts of juicy hops, Snickers Coffee Porter, which features rich chocolate, roasted peanuts and sweet caramel combined with the finest 100% Arabica coffee and Dry Hopped Black Lager.

There will also be a pair of casks available for the event, Hallertau Blanc IPA, a single hop IPA highlighting Hallertau Blanc hops and Imperial Coffee Sponge Candy Stout, Resurgence’s Imperial Sponge Candy Stout aged over freshly roasted coffee beans. We’ll take two please.

For more information, check out Kegs & Eggs event page here.

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