The NYBP Beer Lodge, New York Beer Project’s upcoming Orchard Park location, will officially open its doors to the public on June 14 (11am). The NYBP Beer Lodge will be located in the Sterling Business Park, right off of Winward Road.

Inspired by Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the 24,500 square foot NYBP Beer Lodge will feature lots of wood and logs, a green metal roof, and drive-through timber portico, as well as a gastropub with The Lodge Bar, the Brewer’s Club, which features four video walls, and bookable event space. There’s a full size Barn on the Hudson on Floor Two, which overlooks the brew floor, Four Season’s Ballroom, New York Botanical Garden room with an indoor chestnut tree, cultured stone walls, fountains, and candle walls. Each has their own walk out balcony.

The Lodge will first open on June 12 for the NYBP Mug Club VIP Party, and if you’d like to attend, but are not currently a member, you can join here. The special night will include full tours, exclusive access, and more. All 2024 members of the NYBP Mug Club Nation from all 4 locations – Orchard Park, Lockport, Victor, and Orlando are invited. Memberships are valid for the remainder of 2024 and include two Mug Club parties – the VIP Sneak Peak June 12, and the Mug Club Annual Soiree on September 24, plus other meet-ups like the Mug Club Nation Holiday meet-up in December, free swag, and many other benefits.

John Hyman, a longtime brewer at NYBP and head brewer in Lockport, will serve as the new head brewer of the NYBP Beer Lodge. He will be in charge of a 15bbl brewhouse, the same size as Lockport, with an assortment of 15, 30 and 60bbl fermenters. Along with Lockport, Orchard Park will serve as a production brewery, supplying beer for all three New York locations. The new location will feature the NYBP Koelschip, an open air flat brewing vessel widely used throughout Europe. Koelschips cool wort quickly and to introduce wild yeasts from the surrounding air. NYBP Beer Lodge will also feature new white oak foeders. NYBP Beer Lodge will also focus on the production of wild ales and the like.

Stay tuned to for more information.

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