Need a job? Who says college is the only option? Genesee: Made for the Trade, a new digital campaign highlights the many careers available in brewing that don’t necessarily require college degrees. The campaign features current Genesee Brewery employees who have built successful careers in packaging, operations, maintenance, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, security and many more positions. The idea for the campaign surfaced following difficulty in recruiting people to union and trade positions.

“For so long, there has been an emphasis on college at the exclusion of the trades. The message we want to deliver is that both can be viable options for creating careers. When you think of Genesee, we want you to know that it takes office staff, union employees, and skilled trades people to make and deliver Genesee beers,” said Jaime Polisoto, Genesee brand director.

“Made for the Trade celebrates our employees who are brewers, highly talented masons and carpenters, forklift drivers, mechanics, machine operators, and more,” said Polisoto. “It takes a village to keep the Genesee Brewery operating throughout the year.”

The Genesee: Made for the Trade campaign will feature the people behind the beer with a special spotlight on employees who work inside the brewery. Every month, two to three jobs will be featured both through internal communications and externally on social media and digital channels. Each job featured will include the story of an employee in that role, a description of work at the brewery, and the training or educational requirements, if any. Look to see the digital campaign throughout the year.

“We want to continue to attract people to union and skilled trades. There is a shortage of skilled workers, and the industry needs to attract more women and minorities. There are viable career opportunities for virtually anyone who wants to work in beer,” said Mary Beth Popp, vice president of communications, FIFCO USA.

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Genesee Investing in Workforce Training

In addition to the Genesee: Made for the Trade campaign, Genesee will also be expanding relationships with organizations that provide workforce training. The brewery will also continue to grow relationships with organizations that focus on attracting people of diverse backgrounds to work in manufacturing. The Brewery has a small number of micro-grants available to non-profit organizations that specialize in workforce development. To apply for a grant, go to:

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