The Genesee Brewing team is bringing another premium beer to the market with the release of its Helles lager, which will be on shelves later this week. The Genesee Brewers Series, which launched last year with Imperial Stout, features premium beers that showcase the craftsmanship of Genesee’s brewing team. Brewmaster for the Genesee Brew House, Dean Jones and Brewmaster for Genesee Brewing Company, Matt James, teamed up, knowing that a Helles lager would be perfect for spring.

In the pilot brewery, Jones brews award-winning craft beer on a small scale. A German beer traditionalist, he created the Genesee Brew House Helles lager that won the Governor’s Cup Award, recognized as the best beer in New York, at the NYS Craft Beer Competition in March. On the heels of its success, Jones worked with Genesee’s bigger brewery to make a great beer in its image.

“There are very few ingredients in this Helles and every subtle change in the brewing process affects the final product. There’s a lot at play here, bigger batches of beer require major adjustments in ingredients and processing, especially when taking a beer from the pilot brewery and scaling it up to the main brewery” Jones said. “I’m thrilled with the way the Genesee Brew House Helles came out. I can’t wait to try the Brewers Series Helles lager!”

Beers selected for the Brewers Series represent styles that the brewers enjoy drinking and aren’t often made in the large brewery.  The Helles, like all Brewers Series beers, is brewed with high-end ingredients. When it was time to scale up the Genesee Brew House Helles for Genesee’s larger brewery, James played an integral role.

“Brew scaling starts with scaling by volume, but that doesn’t give you the whole picture, it’s simply a starting point,” said James. “From that starting point, we account for the brew size, percentage of fermentable ingredients, hops, even boiling time. It’s a labor of love, but we know Genesee fans are really going to enjoy this Helles lager.”

The Genesee Brewers Series Helles lager will hit shelves and be available on draft at select locations next week. Available in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans, Genesee fans can use the beer finder for retail locations offering the Helles lager.

The Helles lager is a medium bodied, true German lager with upfront malty/toasted Pilsner malt characters. This beer has a balanced hop bitterness with low notable hop aroma. It’s clear, refreshing and incredibly drinkable with a 5.2% ABV. Genesee Brew House Helles Lager will be available on draft at select locations this April and in 4-packs of 16oz. cans.

Genesee’s graphic artists designed the can art to mirror the vintage stained glass Genesee Beer signs that became popular in the 1970s. A nod to Genesee’s rich heritage, the signs and lights were prominently displayed in bars and restaurants and have now become coveted collectables for Genesee fans everywhere.

“There’s a beer for everyone at Genesee,” said Jaime Polisoto, brand director for Genesee. “Genny fans are loyal to our classic beers but aren’t afraid to try something new from us. Our brewing team is always up for the challenge!”

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