Froth Brewing, a brewery best known for heavily fruited sours in its ultra-popular Liquid Lollipop smoothie sour series and its lighter Naked Lollipop counterpart, has introduced a pair of new house lagers, as well as tradition Lukr side pull lager taps. The move corresponds with popular chicken wing eatery Wingnutz taking over the kitchen space at the brewery.

In addition to being poured exclusively from the new Lukr taps, these drafts, which will be available on tap at the brewery year round, will be served out of traditional 19.5 mugs.

Lukr beer faucets feature a unique side pull action for recreating the traditional methods for pouring Czech pilsners. It is similar to a dimmer switch because the more you turn the lever, the “brighter” the beer in your glass gets. Opening the side faucet handle just a little creates dense, wet foam, while completely opening the faucet provides you with a typical flow of beer. A micro screen inside the faucet aerates the beer in a similar fashion to a nitro tap, which most craft beer drinkers should be familiar with. Froth joins Buffalo Brewing Company and The Beer Keep as the only local watering holes to feature these special taps.

“These faucets are found in every local pub in the Czech Republic allowing traditional beers to be poured perfectly and topped off with a long lasting dense pillowy head,” the brewery adds. “These beers will be available on draft at all times and we can’t wait for you to try one, or more.”

House Beer #1 is an amber Czech lager backed by a complex malt bill to create notes of sweet caramel and graham cracker notes and House Beer #2 is a pale Czech lager that’s rich and refreshing with a balance of biscuit and floral notes. Both beers are meant to pair perfectly with Wingnutz chicken wings.

“The Froth brew crew has been hard at work developing two seasonal House Beers for our beloved customers,” the brewery says. “[These lagers were] created with one thing in mind, to be flavorful and frothy!”

Both beers are available now.

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