Ellicottville Brewing Company is excited to announce its collaboration with the New York Hop Guild (NYHG), New York’s one-stop “Hop Shop” supplying brewers with the highest quality hand selected hops from the best farms on the earth. The New York Hop Project Ellicottville Edition is an India Pale Ale brewed exclusively with New York State Excelsior™ hop, a specialty hop curated by NYHG for our consumption.

“New York is an extremely diversified state. The Excelsior™ hop showcases New York’s truly unique diversification by being the first 100% New York grown and processed hop blend! We took all of New York’s best growing varieties, contacted the mad scientists at Hoptechnic® and came up with this truly amazing hop blend to maximize flavor intensity,” the New York Hop Guild said. “Instead of just combining hops by their names or what they smell like, we utilized the hop’s thiol’s and essential oils to give this blend its truly unique and mesmerizing aroma! We put forth our best so you can give your beer the best!”

Brewed by elite invitation from the NYHG, head brewer Dan Minner and the rest of the Ellicottville brewing team are proud to work with the Elmira-based company to help continue the exceptional NYS craft beer scene. Their innovation and willingness to try new things to brew new successful products has us excited and patiently waiting for what they could have coming next.

The New York Hop Project Ellicottville Edition is a single hop IPA that gives you a tastefully balanced flavor; it’s not too hoppy or bitter, but fresh and locally sourced with a moderate ABV level of 5.6%. The beer is packaged in 4-pack 16oz cans and available at select beer stores in Western New York.

For more information, visit EllicottvilleBrewing.com.