Big Ditch Brewing Company today officially announced that it is planning on opening a production brewery at 101 Oak Street in downtown Buffalo.

It is anticipated that the new production facility will begin producing beer by next spring. The added capacity of this new production brewery will enable Big Ditch to proceed with plans to utilize their current facility at 55 East Huron Street as an innovation brewery to produce specialty and experimental beers.

“Innovation is paramount for success in the craft beer industry,” stated Matt Kahn, president and co-founder of Big Ditch Brewing Company. “However, our desire to innovate new products is competing with the need to brew our signature and seasonal beers due to the growth in demand for these products; growth that has continued throughout the pandemic”, added Kahn. “The opening of the new production brewery will free up capacity at our current brewery for innovation while allowing us to keep pace with demand for our signature and seasonal beers.”

The decision to proceed with the new production brewery at 101 Oak Street is independent of Big Ditch Brewing’s plans to proceed with the completion of its proposed destination brewery at 6700 Transit Road in Williamsville. The start of construction of this project has been delayed until such time as impacts related to the pandemic, such as increases in material costs and availability, subside.

“We remain committed to proceeding with completion of the destination brewery project as it is an integral part of our long-term plans”, stated Kahn.

This production brewery at 101 Oak Street is located within walking distance from its current facility at 55 East Huron Street and will have more than twice the production capacity of the current brewery, including a 40-barrel brewhouse and 10 x 80-barrel fermenters.

As there will be no retail operations at the new production brewery, Big Ditch Brewing’s taproom at 55 East Huron Street will be unaffected.

Big Ditch has commenced hiring staff for the new production brewery and the Innovation Brewery. Interested applicants should visit their website at for job listings and application instructions.