42 North is releasing its first coolship project this weekend called “A Little Spontaneous” Coolship Blonde Ale, alongside another barrel-house release in “Forty Dubbel,” a belgian-style dubbel. Both releases will be available at the 42 North taproom on February 20 (12pm). The beers will also be available for pre-order online at theoutpost42n.com.

42 North’s first release from their coolship (an open-top fermentation vessel) is fermented with local yeast. “Coolshipping” is a traditional method of cooling wort overnight outdoors to allow the local microflora present in the air around us to inoculate the wort as it cools. This spontaneous fermented blonde ale has notes of citrus fruit, smartie’s , lemonheads, and mild Brett funk.

Head Brewer Matt Matuszewski says, “we are excited to finally bring this super traditional style of brewing to our fans. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and we’re thrilled to share “A Little Spontaneous” and dive deeper into this experimental process.”

“Forty Dubbel” is a ​Belgian-Style Dubbel aged in an oak barrel for one year with brettanomyces. The beer features notes of sweet malt, cherry, vanilla, oak, light spirit & mild brett funk. The project comes in at 9% ABV, but stays very approachable for a beer of that strength. Matt and the brew team used Aged Pride of Ringwood hops along with a traditional malt bill of pale malts, wheat and oats. Look for aroma notes of lemon and citrus.

Head to theoutpost42n.com to learn more and order both of these beers online.