Just over one year since they were nearly forced to close their doors over a leasing issue, a new fate and brighter future awaits Brewed & Bottled Craft Beer Shop – a new location. But residents of Lewiston don’t worry, because the bottle shop / beer bar hybrid is relocating to another part of town – 442 Center Street, between Brickyard Brewing Company and the historic Frontier House. While they do not have a firm timetable, Owner Chris Budde is hoping for a spring reopening. Brewed & Bottled have been in business since August 5, 2016.

Brewed & Bottled has been temporarily closed at 402 Center St. since January 12.

“The building we will be located in was originally a firehouse in the early 1900s and is currently being completely redesigned and renovated,” Budde says. “It’s very important for us to stay in Lewiston. Not only do I live in the community, we add a truly unique experience to Center St. Before I opened the shop, I had always wanted a bottle shop and beer bar here in Lewiston – so I made that happen. I honestly cannot think of Lewiston without Brewed and Bottled. This is where we are meant to be!”

The move was necessitated after the owners of Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen purchased the plaza with plans for expansion. Budde explains that while he was initially planning on keeping the shop in the plaza, in the end that idea just wasn’t feasible.

“Originally, we would be moving to the end of the plaza and continuing to operate on the property,” he explains. “After careful consideration and various floor plans, we could not make our business fit in the space that was offered to us. The owner of the property that we are relocating to has great enthusiasm for and dedication to his future tenants, we were impressed and inspired by his positivity and decided that’s where we would like to be.”

Budde can’t help but reminisce a bit about their old space, saying “I’ll miss the memories that we made in the original location. Many beer firsts for Niagara County happened in that space!” But looking ahead to the new location, he shares his overwhelming excitement about his new neighbors, especially a brewery. “I’m looking forward to having a brand new build out and great neighbors. We will be joined by Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauces Etc. and Mad Hatter Tea House. We’re between the Frontier House (built in 1824 and currently going to be redeveloped after years of sitting vacant), one of the most historic and iconic buildings in Lewiston and our friends at the Brickyard Brewing. Lewiston’s two beer-centric businesses will be next door neighbors. I’m also very excited to have a backyard beer garden. We had a great space up front at our original location; however we now have the opportunity to create a great green and private space.”

As far as what customers can expect from the new space, Budde reveals that they can expect ‘the old B&B vibe with some refining and tweaks,” including some brand new additions the new location will allow for that were not a possibility at their former space, including outdoor space. “We will have a great [new] private outdoor space that will be very relaxing. [Additionally], Other Half Brewing can drops will continue when we reopen and now we [will] have the ability to collaborate with Brickyard Brewing easier,” he adds.

“Our timeframe depends on the building and licensing of our new space,” he admits. “We’re anticipating spring, but do not want to give a firm timeline yet.”

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***All photos courtesy of Brewed & Bottled

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