The Bills, Sabres, chicken wings, great pizza…there are many things that truly embody the spirit and essence of Buffalo. Another thing that could easily be added to that list is craft beer. The Queen City is a drinking town with a sports problem if you didn’t know. Or maybe it’s the other around – either way, it fits. More than 40 breweries don’t call the Western New York area home for no reason. Craft beer is woven into the fabric of our community, and, fittingly, BriarBrothers Brewing, a brewery literally built into the history of this city at the Silos at Elk Street, seeks to strengthen those bonds with My City, My Lager.

My City, My Lager is an American lager that’s brewed as a “tribute to the unique blend of cultures, aspirations, and stories that converge within our city limits,” according to the brewery, run by brothers Dylan and Joel Betti, who say the beer was brewed as a thank you to not only the city of Buffalo itself, but its people who have helped the brewery since their inception.

“My City, My Lager isn’t just about creating a beer; it’s about fostering a sense of connection,” the brewery says. “We envisioned this brew as a tribute to Buffalo’s past, present, and future, a way to bring people together and inspire conversations about what makes Buffalo such a special place to call home. Each sip of this lager is an opportunity to reflect on the city’s journey and celebrate its accomplishments, while also looking ahead to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”

And what better beer to toast to a town like Buffalo than a lager – a working class beer for a working class city. This iconic beer style has stood the test of time, enchanting beer enthusiasts with its crisp, clean taste and refreshing character.  And it’s that simple, down to earth, blue collar ethos that led to the team at BriarBrothers to brew a beer like My City, My Lager.

“When BriarBrothers Brewing conceptualized “My City, My Lager” we brewed it with the philosophy that every city has its own unique flavor, history and personality and felt that no city deserved to have it celebrated more than Buffalo,” the brewery says. “Our decision to brew this special lager was to say thank you to this incredible city and its people who have welcomed us and embraced us since day one. Being two guys brewing in their kitchen just a few years ago, we would have never dreamt of running a brewery that has been visited by so many incredible people.”


My City, My Lager is a crisp, clean and balanced lager that pays attention to each detail, with a malt forward presence and floral hops. It’s an easy drinker that’s suitable for all four distinctive Western New York seasons.

“We carefully selected ingredients that pay homage to the region and hops to infuse the brew with a taste that’s uniquely Buffalo,” BriarBrothers says. “The result is a lager that satisfies the palate whole evoking memories of Buffalo’s historic architecture, vibrant craft beer scene and the sense of unity that defines its neighborhoods. This beer brings forward a well-balanced malt flavor profile complimenting a crisp floral hop presence.”

My City, My Lager can be found on tap right now at BriarBrothers Brewing.

“Buffalo is more than just our hometown; it’s a way of life,” the brewery says. “Iconic landmarks, a rich history and the indomitable spirit of the people that make up this community all contribute to a distinct identity that’s unlike any other. We’re proud to raise a glass to Buffalo. Cheers!”

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