ld-716develop-breweries-1226db6aOn Sunday, November 13, beer will be the main course of breakfast at Resurgence Brewing’s Kegs & Eggs, the latest in their ongoing series of one-off experimental and limited release beers. And breakfast.

And this Kegs & Eggs could be the best one yet, because the taps flow at 10am thanks to the New York State Brunch Law, which Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law in September. The new law legalizes sales of alcohol before noon on Sunday, meaning that restaurants and taverns with liquor permits can sell alcohol on Sundays, beginning at 10 a.m. The prior law blocked Sunday sales before noon.

As for the kegs portion of Kegs & Eggs, Resurgence will roll out a beer list that consists of two beers that were brewed with Niagara County Community College students, a Holiday Porter and Lemon Drop IPA, an all-Western New York grain Oak Smoked Chocolate Porter made by Nick the Cellerman, an Amarillo Smokey Amber brewed by Layne the Intern, Teaches of Peaches, a Peach Apricot Dubbel, brewed by kitchen staffer ‘Chuckles,’ Pineapple IPL, Nitro Imperial Sponge Candy Stout and Gin Spiced Cucumber Saison. There is also talk of a pair of casks.

kegs-editedThe eggs portion of Kegs & Eggs will be provided by Webster’s Bistro & Bar, a menu that includes Croissants with Jam – $2 (two croissants with seasonal jam, whipped butter and Nutella), Cast Iron Breakfast Potatoes – $4 (Russet potatoes, sweet peppers, onions and fresh herbs) and Webster’s Sausage Gravy and Cornbread – $6 (cornbread served with duck and pork sausage gravy, garnished with chives). There will also be an omelette station – $8 (choice of veggie (button mushrooms, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, chevre), Meat-lovers (Webster’s sausage, smoked bacon, Raclette) and Cheese (Chevre, Asiago, Raclette).

For more information, check out the Kegs & Eggs event page and find RBC on Facebook.

Brian Campbell is a co-founder/Brand Manager of the BNBA’s enthusiast arm, Buffalo Beer League, and writes the weekly Buffalo Beer Buzz column. He can be reached at buffalobeerleague@aol.com and on Twitter at @buffbeerleague.