Jeff Ware Talks The Social Distancing Series & Beyond

Resurgence has been crushing it with great beer releases during this quarantine. Their Social Distancing Series is loaded and growing. The BBL is joined by Jeff Ware to talk about what could have been Resurgences “Coming-out Party” year with their new beers and location. 

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Featured Guest

Jeff Ware

Jeff Ware

President Resurgence Brewing Company

Jeff Ware had high hopes when 2020 began. Resurgence had recently opened a new larger facility on Chicago Street which was to be filled with events all summer long. Of course, 2020 doesn’t care about how good your beer is, or how nice your new location is, so Jeff finds himself in the same position as all the other Buffalo breweries.

This episode features Brian, Scott, Mark, and Jesse from the Buffalo Beer League joining Jeff to talk about The Social Distance Series, upcoming releases, Se7en Bar and Cafe, and more!

You can find Resurgance Brewing Co. at and on Facebook and Twitter