Buffalo Beer League is the official enthusiast wing of the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association. Our purpose is to help bring the fight for better beer in Buffalo and Western New York to a larger audience. Beer is a big tent beverage and BBL is a big tent club that welcomes all people from any background and beer preference. We are the feet on the ground for all BNBA events. If you have a charity/benefit event or want to do a beercation to a regional festival, feel free to give BBL a holler (contact information listed below) to help pair beer lovers with good, fresh local beer.

“Buffalo Beer League was started by a group of friends just trying something new,” co-founder Scott McMillan says. “We’re not here to alienate anyone; we’re just here get those people that are interested in craft beer together.  We want those people to come out and try something local and experience the craft beer boom that’s going on around Buffalo.”

To date, Buffalo Beer League members have received commemorative and sustainable stainless steel pint glass (pictured below and to the right) that scores them exclusive special promotions on local beer at local beer outlets.  


Buffalo Beer League was formed in the summer of 2010 with the intent of trying new beers and growing knowledge of craft beer in general.  As it slowly grew it became a way for a group of “average” beer drinkers to get together, hang out, talk and sample an ever increasing range of beers in a relaxed, unprejudiced environment.  The people that showed up appreciated craft beers but were by no means experts on the subject, which was the point.

“It was just a couple of friends that loved beer hanging out and drinking anything new we could get our hands on,” co-founder Brian Campbell says. “We started with a few six packs and a notebook and everything just grew and snowballed from there.”


As BBL continued to grow and gather a small core of members, we began to take note of the evolving craft beer scene in Buffalo and the fledgling festivals and breweries starting to pop up.  We began to attend festivals and tastings, as well as tour breweries.  As we became more involved in the local craft beer scene, we decided to combine our background in promotion with our love of Buffalo and craft beer.  We felt that by getting the word out and doing what we loved we could help spread the word about the emerging brewing scene in Buffalo and Western New York.   We took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to KleenKanteen_Pint_BNBAcreate a social media presence and develop a “one stop shop” of information for novice beer drinkers and seasoned craft beer veterans alike.  We provide beer tastings, information on local breweries, beers, stores and bars, as well as an events calendar listing as many beer related events as we can find.


Now that we have partnered with the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association we feel that we can bring our vision to a whole new level.  By heading up the enthusiast wing of the Association we intend to further promote the WNY brewing scene by exposing more craft beer lovers to Association memberships.

“It’s all about having fun,” Brian adds. “Drinking good beer with good people, all while promoting local businesses and breweries – whatever we can do to help the Buffalo craft beer scene. If you see us out at an event or just hanging at a bar, come say hi and let’s have a pint.”

BBL can be found at Facebook, Twitter and Untappd/Instagram – @buffalobeerleague.  If you have any membership questions, feel free to email us at  bbl@bnba.beer